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Saturday, 09 August 2008 07:49

If you're new to Film Festivals, you'll find that the Syracuse Short Film Festival (SSFF!) will be a great place to start. It can deliver the feedback and recognition that you may not find anywhere else. It is often the experience of having your film in a festival that delivers the greatest satisfaction and lessons learned. Moreover, film production can be a great catalyst for local economies with increased commerce and job growth. So with that in mind, what's the purpose of the SSFF?

PURPOSE - The Syracuse Short Film Festival is an outlet for Syracuse filmmakers to be seen and heard. There are many talented filmmakers in the Syracuse area and surrounding Onondaga County, who all need an audience. The Syracuse Short Film Festival will act as a hub for local filmmakers to meet, socialize and to bring the film community together.

WHY SYRACUSE? - Why not Syracuse? As well as being the home of many great actors and filmmakers, Syracuse has many amazing locations to film. From parks to cityscape's and urban locations, mountain tops to swamps, including an array of fantastic architectural and historical views. Syracuse has the right location for any film. New talent is virtually endless because many of the schools in Syracuse and surrounding counties have wonderful and notable film programs with talented students emerging from Syracuse University, Oswego, Lemoyne, Onondaga Community College (OCC)  just to name a few.

GOAL - The main goal for the Syracuse Short Film Festival is to generate an outlet for our local community of filmmakers, by giving those filmmakers a venue to showcase their films and meet other filmmakers with the same passion.... More importantly, this may foster motivation and inspiration to not only make more quality films, but our hope is, it will give filmmakers reason to stay in Syracuse and continue making films locally. Over a thousand students are striving to get their TV/Film/Broadcast degrees from local and regional colleges, but, with little to no industry experience and few job offers, where do they go? The answer is that students will have to move to find the job in their field or they won't use their degree at all and find a more suitable job. This can and has to change. The main outcome of the Syracuse Short Film festival will be that the students and filmmakers will have their films seen and have a good time, but it can be so much more. Part of the film making life-cycle is festival exposure. Film Festivals are a place where films gain laurels and at more notable festivals, possible sales and distribution. The feedback and experience a film makers gets from this type of event is invaluable.

In addition, there has already been great efforts at bring "film" to Syracuse and this is because film can generate jobs and money for the local economy. There are more filmmakers here in Syracuse than ever before, and these filmmakers are talented, motivated and even more passionate today than ever. With the support of our city, the Syracuse Short Film Festival can forge an even stronger film community in Syracuse.

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