David’s Refuge – Caring For The Caregiver

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David’s Refuge is a non-profit bed and breakfast retreat for parents and guardians who care for children with special needs or with life threatening medical conditions.

As our guests you will enjoy the beauty, hospitality and relaxation of a personally designed retreat in a luxurious bed and breakfast, where meals, recreation, and opportunities for ‘unplugging’ are generously provided. Our goal is to provide a place of respite from the demands of caring for your children and family so you can be restored, refreshed, and revived]

My wife and I have a child with various challenges and special needs and we were fortunate enough to have had an opportunity to stay at Davids Refuge… It was a wonderful experience. I can’t recommend them enough. They (Warren and Brenda) are genuinely and truly compassionate people, and I can’t thank them enough for their warmth and generous hospitality.

I felt this video is the least I could do to help spread the word of their mission and of David’s Refuge.

Taste of Thai Express – Another web spot for Yelp.com

We’ve produced another Ad Spot commercial for Yelp.com! Yelp This time we produced a 60 second spot for Taste of Thai Express and this time we wrapped in proximately two and a half hours.

The ad spot was for the Taste of Tai Express located in Ithaca, NY. See their webpage Here. Also, please visit the Taste of Thai Express Yelp page here. for more information and reviews.



Path to Salvation The Movie

ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE Inc. has begun it’s pre-production for Path to Salvation. This film is a suspenseful crime drama that pushes the morality of choices we all make on a daily basis. We are currently scouting locations and looking at various actors to fill theĀ  lead roles. The official website is live and we’ll be completing the site with all the… Read more →