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Path to salvation The Movie – Coming 2015

Path to Salvation

ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE, Inc. is proud to present our first in-house feature.

Path to Salvation” (Path to Salvation – Official Website)

Pre-Production is scheduled October – November 2014.

Path to Salvation

There are many path’s one can follow… Not all of them are peaceful.

Official website

20 Years after a young girl’s murder, a group of friends are brought together again after another girl goes missing. Mitch is a Vietnam veteran, living in a shack at the end of beautiful path, that is lost behind an abandon movie theater. He is a legend among the local kids and the more adventurous boys seek him out to drink beer and hear his stories of adventure and wisdom. One of the boys, Sean Garity, having dodged suspicion those 20yrs ago, when his best friend, Dave Hutchings sister was found dead is now committing slow and steady suicide by living in a haze of depression and alcohol and is consumed over the suicide of his wife and the loss of his son to illness. Then there’s Bobby, abused by his family and written off by his High school, he is also a lost soul as Mitch becomes a father figure for him. Once again.

New suspicions arise when another young girl, Jenny Ryan goes missing. Dave was the one who stood by Sean when 20yrs ago he was accused of murdering Dave’s own sister. He never gave up on Sean. However, Sean’s own parish priest, Father Keefe begins to have his doubts. While in the confessional, Sean seemed to be making an effort to gaining absolution for his sins. What Sins!? The stories of these men unfold chaotically and simultaneously, as detective Dan Brogan, while battling his own demons, is determined to see that justice is done one way or another.imdblogo

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