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Path to Salvation The Movie

ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE Inc. has begun it’s pre-production for Path to Salvation. This film is a suspenseful crime drama that pushes the morality of choices we all make on a daily basis. We are currently scouting locations and looking at various actors to fill the  lead roles. The official website is live and we’ll be completing the site with all the… Read more →

Night Of Something Strange

ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE is working in association with WLPFilms and SRSCinema to produce “Night of Something Strange“. Principal photography begins Saturday Aug. 6th and will continue into into September with pickup dates to follow. This is the fourth feature film by Writer / Director Jonathon Straiton (BigFish in Middlesex, The Two Plates, and Lights, Camera Dead). He is also joined by… Read more →

“Mind Traveler” pilot production to be picked up by PBS

Executive producer Thomas Bresadola from Simplified Entertainment, in association with ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE, Inc. to produce a new TV pilot for PBS, being named “Mind Traveler”. Shot and edited by ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE, Inc. this pilot was accepted by PBS for airing. The regular season is currently being developed. Keep on the lookout for this show! Thomas Bresadola is a nationally recognized… Read more →

“Night of Somthing Strange” Feature Film has green-light for 2011

  Feature Film has green-light for 2011 A new feature film has been given the green light and is set for pre-production in the summer 2011. ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE, Inc. will be providing Executive Production and post house VFX work while working in association with WLP Films and SRS Cinema to bring a Jonathan Straiton film to the big screen. “Night… Read more →

VFX for “Ms. Cannibal Holocaust”

ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE, Inc. will be working in association with SRS Cinema’s and WLP Films on their new feature “Ms. Cannibal Holocaust“, Directed by Ron Bonk. We will be handling some of the post house visual effects and additional on-set photography. In addition our own Kirk LaSalle will be the main stunt performer. Among other duties Director Ron Bonk who is… Read more →