“NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE” OWNS THE MARKET, and by that I mean it has been so well reviewed, anywhere it’s planned to be viewed conjures up mystique and just plain “OMG I heard about this!” (The Latter being more accurate) it sometimes has critics stumped on how to review it… With references to “Evil Dead on Steroids” to “people first walk out until the actual audience arrives..” The reason is Jonathan Straiton has taken a genre beyond its capacities and just puts a delicious humble pie in you face and says “EAT IT!” by daring you to watch it.


This is a movie that gives you the typical , classic, 80’s framework and backhands you in the face and says check this out! Then “suck on this” and by the way take that!!!!


Night of Something Strange has some Seriously fun moments to watch. You’ll be hearing about this movie for a long time