Dodging Blinds

A new short film written and Directed by Max Davis and Wilson Tse. This short was shot on 16mm film in Syracuse, NY. This is the story of a photographer and his realization about going blind.  As he prepares for an upcoming photo Dodging Blindsexhibition, he receives a call confirming his greatest fear. How he overcomes this and prepares for the worst is also what  enlightens him. It’s from this tragic experience that he learns how his art and passion as a photographer can continue.

This short film was shot in association with ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE. A special thanks to Max Davis and Wilson Tse. for thier professionalism and kindness.

The short film is now an Official Selection at the Finger Lakes Film Festival. We look forward to the film doing well at this festival and all future festivals.







Good Job Guys!

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