UTron Project

The original UTron 1999 game Mod splash screen (Unreal Tournament 1999)


UTron Project
(circa. 1998-2004)

In the spirit of the new Tron movie due in theaters next week, I wanted to post what I could find of the work we all put into this.

This was a very ambitious game development project I conceived and was the project leader for back in 1999 (maybe 1998) that ran until about 2003. There was an attempt to restart it in 2004 but, it ended as just an attempt. I personally developed two of the five game-types, 3 weapons, Heads up display, the first series of texture packs and I did the character voices for the majority of the game characters including the sound FX engineering. This was only a small amount of work compare to the rest of the team members.


We received notable mention in game magazines such a PC Gamer, gaming websites and the game community at large. We were also contacted by “Disney Interactive” and “Monolith” the licensed developers of the PC game Tron 2.0.


It was unfortunate but, the project only made it to a beta release, which can still be found on the net today! And it’s playable with Unreal Tournament (1999) However, like many large and ambitious community game “MOD’s” the project was never fully realized.

There were some great team members who put countless hours of work into this project and some continue to work in game development today… They are now working with some of the largest game production houses to create some of the games we play on Playstation, Xbox and Wii. I have only appreciation for all those involved. Special thanks to “Particle Man” as he was a huge contributor in the design and development of the game worlds. Kyle shires for incredible map design and Busby for keeping the code solid and creating some of the most complicated code and the most fun game-types to date. There are many more people who’ve and I’ll try to add them as I find there names šŸ˜‰
ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE, Inc. gets a nice thanks on IMDB too!

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