Black Knights Pizza

Black Knights Pizza – A food shoot

Black Knights Pizza is a great pizza place off Teal Avenue in East Syracuse.

Although, this was a first for “The Vistudio”, we were Confident in our ability to capture what the client is looking for, and so we answered their call for a “Food photo shoot”. I’m only guessing but, food assignments have to be one of the best for photographers.
For a food shoot, there’s always a little more attention being payed to the food. Right? Since
it’s the star, it the foods time to shine. The food looked delicious and ready to eat.  And if
there’s no food modeling or doctoring… Like this food, where it was served up hot for the
camera, it makes it all that much more tasty.

After photographing the 10 items, They kindly gave me three of the menu items I had just photographed and I was on my way. A Hot dinner and a tasty lunch for tomorrow.

Here are some of the photos before going off the the Ad people.




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